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Welcome to the official website of the Jessica Prince Mystery novels, written by Dana Gricken!

Meet Jessica and find out where to buy your copy of the books!

Hey, I'm Jess!

Teen sleuth and heiress at your service! I adore mysteries, helping people, driving around in my convertible, wearing pink fashion, and hanging out with my friends. I'm sixteen, blonde-haired and blue-eyed, always dressed in the latest clothes, and searching for exciting mysteries! The more challenging, the better.

My uncle, Henry Prince, is the owner of Prince Enterprises, the billion-dollar tech company based in my sunny hometown of Willowbrook, California. I live there with him at Prince Manor, driven around by our chauffeur, Larry Kibbler, and watched over by our bodyguard, Milo Bianchi. My best friend turned boyfriend, the nerdy Ben Clark, often accompanies me on my mysteries, including my two best friends - Madison Carter, her parents owning a restaurant, and Tiffany Hampton whose parents work for my uncle. We all attend the prestigious Blackwood Academy and try our best to avoid mean girls. Ugh!

You know what's super awesome? I seem to find mysteries wherever I go! So far, I've been to Milan, Italy to stop the Crimson Caper, a saboteur out to ruin a fashion designer's career. Then I stopped a group of thieves in my hometown called The White Lily Society and ended up in Oslo, Norway. After that, I traveled to an island near Australia called Celebrity Island to do a game show for charity and stopped a saboteur using a ghost to haunt the island. Then I helped my Uncle Henry find love on a reality show called Perfect Love Match in Ireland and stopped a fake banshee from harassing people. I traveled to London, England, to see my favorite author and stopped a thief who stole her new manuscript. Then I went to Paris, France, to support my best friend's parents in a cooking competition and stopped a saboteur out to ruin the most famous chef in the world.

And I have more adventures on the way! I pretend to be a dumb blonde teenager when in reality, I pay attention and ask questions. Suspects always underestimate me and that's how I solve my cases (and get chastised by my uncle for throwing myself into danger). You should totally read about my mysteries. I'd be so grateful!

Stay sleuthy and have a great day,

Jessica Prince

Blonde Wavy Hair
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